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If you're a current HDB owner and considering upgrading your property portfolio, you're in a unique position to take advantage of Singapore's diverse real estate market. With careful planning and preparation, upgrading to your next property can provide an opportunity to enjoy a higher standard of living and potentially earn greater returns on investment.


Firstly, it's important to ensure that you're financially ready for an upgrade. Evaluate your current financial position, including savings, income, and debt obligations, to determine if you're able to afford the higher costs associated with owning a more expensive property.


Additionally, stay abreast of property market conditions to help you make informed decisions. Pay attention to trends in supply and demand.


When considering a new property, think about the type of home that fits your lifestyle and needs. 


Finally, location is key. Look for a property that is situated in a convenient and desirable area for you and your family with nearby amenities, and a strong potential for growth in value.

Overall, upgrading your HDB to your next property offers the opportunity to elevate your living standards and potentially increase your investment returns. With careful planning and professional guidance, this can be an exciting and rewarding journey.

Case Studies

Below are some case studies based on real life scenarios and actual transactions by us. Clients' names are changed for personal data protection. Case Study 01.jpg

Jason (43 years old) and Jerlyn (41 years old)

Combined income: $11,000

Original plan: To stay in their BTO flat until they retire

After a property portfolio review session with us, they decided to sell their BTO flat and get a 2 bedroom Freehold condominium.

They managed to make this move without using their own savings and still manage to have a reserve fund of $100k in cash and CPF.

On top of that, they were only using CPF to service their mortgage loan until their condominium T.O.P.

HDB to Freehold Condominium Case Study 02.jpg

Andy (33 years old) and Jenny (33 years old)

Combined income: $12,000

Original plan: To buy a resale HDB or BTO flat

After a property portfolio review session with us,

they decided to get a 1 bedroom condominium. They also had a 10% paper gain within the 1st year after purchasing the property.

We also managed to assist them and help them plan their finances hence they were only using CPF to service their mortgage loan until their condominium T.O.P.

First Time Buyers

Image by Ilya Pavlov
Your Property Portfolio

Have you completed your property portfolio? Have you had it evaluated by a licensed real estate agent recently? Contact us for a non-obligatory consultation and receive a complimentary property portfolio analysis or a review of your existing property portfolio. Best of all, we do not charge for consultation.

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